Become a Member of Snowflake Ski Club

Mission Statement of the Snowflake Ski Club:

To provide a safe, friendly, family oriented environment to advance jumpers in the sport of ski jumping.

More about the club:

Ski Jumping:

The sport of ski jumping can be very rewarding. Joining the Snowflake Ski Club will give members access to the hills throughout the jumping season, equipment to try the sport, and a club coach for assistance. Snowflake’s facility features 10, 20, 40, 65, and 118 meter ski jumps. Jumpers that are new to the sport will start on the 10 meter, or “bunny hill,” and progress to the next largest jump as their skill level permits. The ski club is one of nearly a dozen other clubs in the Central Division, which is made up of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois, that hosts ski jumping competitions throughout the winter. As the jumpers progress, the Central Division will provide access to world class coaching. Each year the top jumpers in the Central Division earn points to qualify for the Junior Nationals. It is an event that represents the best junior ski jumpers in the nation for each respective age group.

Joining the Snowflake Ski Club will give members access to the hills throughout the jumping season.

Advanced ski jumpers have the opportunity to train year round. During the winter months, the Snowflake Ski Club has lighted facilities to train in the evening, and the latest in snow making and grooming equipment to keep the jumps in good condition. To provide additional training, there are five facilities in the Central Division equipped with plastic matting that simulates snow to accommodate ski jumping in the spring, summer and fall.

The sport of ski jumping has many benefits to offer jumpers and parents:

  • Provides skiers and parents the opportunity to travel throughout the nation for competitions and training camps
  • Promotes physical fitness for ski jumping athletes.
  • Requires juniors to set their goals and develop the work ethic to achieve those goals.
  • Allows junior skiers and parents to build camaraderie with fellow ski jumping enthusiasts throughout the nation.
  • Instills good sportsmanship in parents and athletes.

Join the Club:

The Snowflake Ski Club is divided into two separate disciplines, the Senior club and the Junior Club.


Senior Snowflake Ski Club

The Senior Snowflake Ski Club is responsible for maintaining the junior ski jumps, as well as hosting the Large Hill Tournament. Individuals over the age of 19 can join the Senior Club to:

  • Become involved in all the volunteer activities for maintaining the junior ski jumps
  • Become involved with event planning and hill maintenance for the large hill tournament


Junior Snowflake Ski Club

The Junior Snowflake Ski Club is responsible for advancing juniors in ski jumping. Individuals of any age can join the junior club to:

  • Gain access to the ski jumping facilities
  • Gain access to club equipment for learning ski jumping
  • Gain access to coaching for ski jumping

Note: Members will be required to sign a damage waiver and submit an annual rental fee for club equipment that is used for each ski season.

You can join the Snowflake Junior Ski Club using the following steps:


Step 1: Print and fill out the following forms.

  • Click here for the Junior Club Membership Form.
  • Click here for the Junior Club Liability Waiver.
  • Click here for the Snowflake Ski Club Ski Jumping Equipment Rental Agreement if you need to rent equipment from the club.


Step 2: Pay annual club membership, coaching fees, and equipment rental.

Use the links below to pay for your annual fees. If you are paying for more than one skier, you can adjust the quantities after you click the “Add to Cart” button.

Junior Snowflake Ski Club Family Membership Annual Fee (Only one membership is required per family): $25

Junior Snowflake Ski Club Coaching Fee (Fee is required per skier): $75

Ski jumping equipment annual rental fee per skier (if needed): $100